Are you looking to replace a broken or missing tooth?

Having a broken or missing tooth is often a traumatic event that can cause cosmetic and functional problems. Our dentists are here to help with the latest technology and training.

Losing a tooth can cause significant cosmetic issues. It can also cause other teeth to move and be overloaded, resulting in significant problems if not replaced quickly.

As always, we are proud of our competitive fees and are compeltely upfront with what you can expect in terms of treatment outcomes and associated costs. We will never let you leave without a temporary solution during the treatment stages as well while we work towards a more permanent solution.

Ways to replace missing teeth:

  • Dentures – These can be either partial of full replacements and are the classic “false teeth”. Not the most popular option, but as removable and reversible replacements, they definitely still have their place.

  • Bridges – A bridge is porcelain fused to metal piece that is a permanent replacement for one or more teeth. It is a fixed way to replace missing teeth, by using the adjacent teeth.

  • Dental Implant – An implant is the latest in tooth replacement technology. Using titanium devices similar to screws, we can replace your missing teeth and even reinforce your denture so it doesn't move around.