Root Canal Therapy

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Root canals are, despite popular belief, painless and simple procedures for our patients.

Many people have dramatic ideas about root canal therapy. Here at Karana Downs Dental, root canals are painless and straight-forward procedures that will stop your toothache in its tracks, permanently.

What is a root canal and why would I need it?

Root Canal Therapy involves cleaning out painful nerves and infection from inside a tooth. In cases where someone has severe tooth pain or swelling/infection, it may be recommended to have a painless root canal procedure started.

By removing the infected nerve tissue, the tooth stops releasing bacteria and its remnants into your jaw bone. This allows your body to quickly and painlessly heal. We will often divide the procedure into at least 2 stages, the cleaning and the filling. We leave the tooth soaking in antibiotics inbetween these 2 stages to ensure all the bacteria are gone before the final filling.

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How are we different here at Karana Downs Dental?

  • All root canals are performed with patient comfort in mind.

  • To ensure safety and very high success rates,our root canals are all performed using Rubber Dams to isolate the teeth from contamination by saliva or other debris.

  • To ensure long-term success, we use multiple methods to confirm our measurement. These are made using state of the art electronix Morita ZX Apex Locaters and Digital Xrays for confirmation.

  • Only the gold standard in disinfection medicaments are used throughout all of our procedures of course.