White Fillings

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White Fillings | Mercury-Free

We use proven, gentle techniques with the highest quality material for our patients.

Why choose us?

We strive to give you the best quality workmanship you could hope for. We source all of our materials from the leading australian and TGA approved dental suppliers Dentavision and Henry Schein Halas.

Our australian trained and experienced dentists always ensure your white fillings will be painless, conservative, lasting and cosmetically perfect.

There are a variety of reasons why you might need a white filling. These include replacing broken fillings, new holes, grinding/clenching and even a traumatic event.

To ensure your comfort, topical, local anaesthetics are available. You can discuss these with your dentist at Karana Downs Dental. You may even be surprised to find out that none are necessary! When your filling is complete, you may not be able to spot it, as we create them to blend in well.

If you need a Brisbane Dentist or an Emergency Dentist for your teeth, please try our gentle and affordable team out here at Karana Downs Dental. Contact Us Here.

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