Mouthguards | Custom Made

Mouthguards custom made by our Dentists offer the ultimate in protection and comfort.

094.JPGDid you know that 50% of children will break a front tooth during sports, cycling or scooter use before they are 11?

That's literally half of all kids, with some type of injury to their teeth.

Here at Karana Downs Dental, we focus on prevention, and giving our kids comfortable, strong, and stylishly-coloured mouthguards for their sports training, games, scooters and skateboards. It’s critically important for their long-term dental health and appearance!

Creating mouthguards a super simple procedure, whereby we take moulds of your kids teeth, often at the same time as their checkup, and have a custom coloured and shaped vacuum-formed mouthguard made within days.

We use only local dental labs to ensure the quality of our mouthguards.

Often the mouthguards are completely covered by your health fund as well, often making it cheaper than the over-the-counter mouthguard which does not fit or offer adequate protection.

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