Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Karana Downs Dental offers painless, professional and affordable wisdom tooth removal.

Despite what you may have been told, more often than not our experienced Karana Downs Dentists can remove your impacted wisdom tooth safely at an affordable price.

Why Choose Us?

We are experienced dental surgeons who are trying to keep the cost of wisdom teeth removal affordable. karana downs dental wisdom tooth.jpeg 

We focus on patient comfort, and provide full mouth xrays for convenience on site and of-course expertise and experience.

Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come through. Due to this there is often not enough room, and the wisdom teeth can come through at strange angles, becoming impacted and causing a range of problems. Here in Ipswich and West Brisbane, our dentists screen for these wisdom tooth problems at every dental examination at any age. In cases where the wisdom teeth are impacted and don't have enough room, they may be recommended to be removed. Our expert dental surgeons can remove these wisdom teeth for you. Furthermore, we have in-house OPG full mouth xray machines to save you from having to go to the radiology clinic and coming back for another appointment just to review your wisdom tooth xrays!

What are some of the problems associated with Wisdom Teeth?

Some of the potential issues that occur due to impacted wisdom teeth include infections, swellings and decay in the molars in front. These occur mainly due to difficulty cleaning around these wisdom teeth.

The pain/swelling and infection around these wisdom teeth is often episodic. In severe cases, it can be a life-threatening infection.

We understand wholeheartedly that having a tooth removed is not the most pleasant experience. However here at Karana Downs Dental, we strive to make the unwelcome task painless and the aftermath manageable for you and your family.

Click here if you are after professionally executed wisdom tooth extractions and are located in and around Brisbane's West and Ipswich.