Dental Treatments at Karana Downs Dental

Are you looking for a gentle and professional touch from your dentist? Karana Downs Dental prioritises putting comfort first. Best summarised, Karana Downs Dental is ethical and progressive with our practices. Combining the latest technology with our renowned knowledge, we aim to give our patients a comfortable experience.

We’re happy to announce that nitrous or ‘happy’ gas will be available starting August 2018, for patients who experience anxiety at the dentist. If you need treatment done, please refer to our list of services below.

Children’s Dentistry


We focus on prevention and giving our kids comfortable mouthguards for their sports training. The simple procedure includes taking moulds of your kids teeth and you’ll have a custom coloured, shaped mouthguard made in days.

North Tivoli Emergency Dentist

We understand how urgent and overwhelming dental problems are. Our North Tivoli Emergency Dentist practice is open 6 days a week with a policy to always see you on the same day. Every patient has different expectations but we aim to ensure all patients feel welcome, comfortable and seen to with care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Missing teeth

Having a broken tooth or missing tooth can be traumatic and lead to cosmetic and functional problems. We offer an upfront treatment plan with competitive prices. Tooth replacement options are:

  • Dentures - The classic “false teeth” for partial or full replacements.

  • Bridges - A permanent porcelain fused metal piece for one or more teeth. This is a fixed and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

  • Dental Implants - Titanium devices similar to screws that can replace missing teeth and reinforce your dentures so they don’t move around.

Teeth Whitening

We’d all love to have a white shiny smile, however, teeth whitening treatments can be costly. At Karana Downs Dental we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Using a dentist exclusive strength whitening gel, you can apply the treatment from home and see results within 10-14 days.


Have you ever wondered how people in magazines and television achieve their picture-perfect teeth? The answer is often porcelain veneers. This technique allows us to change the shape, colour and overall look of your smile.  If porcelain veneers aren’t in your budget, you also have the option of composite veneers. Composite veneers are the more affordable option especially if there is limited original tooth material to work with, or if want to fix multiple teeth at once.

White Fillings

At Karana Downs Dental we strive to ensure your comfort is put first. Our white fillings treatment is painless, blendable and cosmetically painless. With your comfort as our priority, we provide local anesthetic for a painless experience.

Dental Procedures

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy involves clearing nerves and removing the infection from inside a tooth. By removing the infected nerve tissue, it allows the tooth and body to heal. Consult us today about the best course of treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

No longer do you need to put off your wisdom tooth removal because of high costs. At Karana Downs Dental we have experienced dental surgeons to aid you in this process. We focus on patient comfort, and affordable treatment plans.

For more information regarding our services and and treatment plans contact Karana Downs Dental.