5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Go To The Dentist

Life gets in the way, and it's easy to forget about taking care of your teeth. But whilst you're living your best life, your teeth may be taking a hit. Find out what's really happening to your teeth when you avoid the dentist for longer than 6 months.

Tooth decay   

When plaque gets out of control, bacteria begins to eat away at the teeth. If plaque isn’t removed, it will begin to break down the enamel, resulting in tooth decay. To avoid tooth decay, ensure that plaque build up is managed by a dental professional. Early detection of damage is your best chance to avoid tooth decay, and potential tooth extraction.

Gum disease

When tooth decay is left untreated, it can lead to gingivitis - and maybe gum disease. Your gums are essentially a protective layer between the inside your mouth and the roots of your teeth. When that protective gum layer is damaged, there is no guard between bacteria and the roots of your teeth. The first sign of disease appears in the form of swelling and bleeding of the gums. Left untreated, gum infection can turn into a serious disease called periodontitis, which is a big cause of tooth loss in adults.


Cavities are a common occurrence among those who avoid the dentist for too long. They can occur without you noticing, but when cavities go untreated, they can turn into bigger cavities - which potentially lead to root canals or tooth loss further down the road.  

The good news is that cavities in their early stages can be easily filled in. If you know you need fillings, this is no reason to put off going to the dentist! The sooner you put a stop to the damage, the better off you’ll be in the long term.

Tooth staining

Over time, your teeth can become a yellow stained colour without proper cleaning. To keep your teeth white, and avoid discolouration visit your dentist professional for a cosmetic clean.

Oral cancer

Not many people think much about oral cancer, but it is a real risk. When you avoid the dentist, especially as a smoker, you’re at risk of developing oral cancer. This life-threatening disease isn’t something to be taken lightly. When bacteria builds, disease occurs and can eventuate into oral cancer. To avoid late detection, ensure you’re having a dental check-up every six months.

So… do you need a check up?

If it’s been a while since you had a check-up, and are looking for a trusted Bellbowrie Dentist, contact Karana Downs Dental for more information on your treatment options.