5 Reasons You Should be Flossing

Before you roll your eyes at your dentist - hear us out. Flossing seems to be the step in a dental routine that is most easily forgotten or dismissed. However, flossing plays a crucial part in maintaining the longevity of your oral health.

Read on to find out why flossing is so important, and why you should start flossing now for long-term oral hygiene benefits.

More effective than brushing

Brushing your teeth only catches surface plaque on the teeth. But surface plaque is only one part of the equation. When food gets stuck between your teeth, it is left to eat away at your teeth and gums. Flossing ensures that food is removed from the teeth and not left to damage the tooth and gums.

Protects Gums

As mentioned, when food is left between your teeth it can begin to damage the gums if left unmanaged. When bacteria builds in the mouth, the first warning sign is bleeding gums. If your gums are bleeding, this is a sign of damage which could potentially be spreading to your bloodstream.

To avoid bacteria buildup, get regular dental checkups.

Save money on decay repair

Early detection is the key to avoiding hefty costs later down the track for dental work. When bacteria builds, it can cause tooth decay or cavities. With flossing, you eliminate the chance of tartar and bacteria buildup that leads to tooth decay. To get on top of it, and check in with your dentist to make sure you’re on top of your flossing game.

Disease prevention

Flossing protects your teeth and gums from being affected by bacteria, plaque, tartar buildup, and infections. Gingivitis is an early indicator of gum disease, and without treatment, it can lead to advanced gum disease. When plaque and tartar buildup around teeth and gums, it can cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums known as gingivitis. However, gingivitis is often reversible with the correct treatment. By flossing, you avoid gingivitis developing into a disease.

Prevents tartar buildup

Tartar is a form of hard buildup that occurs around the gum line. Without flossing, tartar can continue to build and begin to cause damage to your teeth or lead to disease in the mouth. Unfortunately, once hard tartar build-up is there, it can’t be removed without the help of your dental professional. However, regular flossing will help keep the tartar from appearing in the first place. Flossing might be inconvenient in the moment, but the long-term benefits are priceless.

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