The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

There has been a huge rise in people taking issues with their teeth into their own hands, but just because influencers and celebrities are doing it, doesn’t mean you should be too.

Common DIY Dentistry procedures include:

·         Teeth Whitening

·         Fillings

·         Extractions

These are the dangers of DIY dentistry. In our latest blog, we'll explore the dangers of DIY dentistry and what you need to know before you buy unnecessary products for your teeth.


DIY Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is by far the most publicised form of DIY Dentistry, and one that gains the most attention from influencers. There are so many products out there telling us that we can have bright, white teeth from the comfort of our own home, but these products can be extremely dangerous and some have even been proven to be bad for your teeth.

Why are they dangerous? Well, these products often contain bleach or chemicals, which when used in the wrong way, can cause severe chemical burns in the mouth, as well as ulceration. This is very painful and takes anywhere from weeks to months to resolve.

Some have turned to charcoal products as an alternative, but despite being a natural remedy, these can still be very harmful to your teeth. It’s been found that the charcoal scratches off the protective layer on your teeth, opening them up to further damage and abrasion.


DIY Fillings

There are many products on the market that allow you to do fillings yourself, but these can also be dangerous, and there is no way to receive the same level of care as you do when visiting the dentist.

When filling a cavity yourself, there is no way to tell if there are any other problems, or how close the decay is to the root of the tooth. A filling may not be the right solution to the problem either, and you will likely  end up causing more complications for the future.

Problems can also arise if the tooth is not filled with the right substance, or if the procedure is not performed correctly. 

Problems such as:

·          Infections

·         Tooth loss

·         Gum damage, and

·         Other long term damage


DIY Extractions

Extractions require professional examination and execution to avoid a lot of pain and infection. If you feel a tooth needs extracting, your dentist can make the right call. Dentists also have the correct tools to perform your extraction in a minimally pain-free way and to prevent infection and further damage to your mouth.

Extractions should never be attempted at home as adult teeth and gum tissue do not grow back.

You could be risking causing serious damage to your teeth and mouth, not to mention how painful a home extraction procedure would be!

Attempting DIY treatments often causes more harm than good. So, there really is no point risking long term damage just to save a few dollars. You should always check in with a dental professional who can make sure any dental work is performed properly.


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