3 Ways Artificial Intelligence will change your dental visit

Did you know that artificial intelligence isn’t all robots? Defined as computer systems that are able to perform tasks that generally require human intelligence, artificial intelligence includes decision making, speech recognition and visual perception, and it is really shaking up how you visit the dentist.

In the next five to ten years, your visit to the dentist could look very different to how it does today, here is how your visit could change, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Booking Your Dental Appointment

One of the programs being developed and implemented is ChairFill, created by MMG Fusion. Its aim is to optimise a dental practices schedule by contacting patients to schedule any unfinished treatments. It does this by interfacing with the practice’s management system.

It can also interface with the marketing system to launch new patient marketing campaigns. It looks at profit maximisation strategies and algorithms to figure out which campaign it will run and who it will target.

In the future, you may be getting your appointment booked with ChairFill.


Finding Your Cavities

There has been a lot of research and development put into a program to help dentists recognise cavities based on data and x-rays. Why? Because this can be a very time consuming job for a “human dentist”, and one they can get wrong 20% of the time. 

Dentistry AI is aiming to help bring the percentage of misdiagnosis down, whilst making it a less time-consuming task for dentists by employing artificial intelligence to help. Their program’s algorithm is trained to recognise patterns within large sets of data, specifically x-rays and radiographs.

This program is in the final stages of clinical evaluation, and could soon be implemented in dental practices worldwide.


Bringing Up Your X-Rays

Everyone knows how Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa work; playing you songs, reading you the news and finding recipes online as you command, well this kind of artificial intelligence is also being developed for dental practices.

DEXvoice, created by Simplifeye and DEXIS, is the Alexa for your dentist. It will be able to bring up things such as:

·         X-Rays

·         Patient Records

·         Charts, and more

It creates a “hands free” approach, and can ultimately make your visit to the dentist quicker, as your technician or the assistant isn’t having to constantly try and find your records, x-rays and charts on the computer. It also makes the workspace cleaner and safer as gloves aren’t having to be taken on and off to use the computer.


While those mentioned above are the main AI developments in the dental world currently, experts believe there will soon be more. Programs that act like virtual assistants, help with decision making, provide assistance in diagnosing and treating, and augmented reality experiences which will help dentists visualise the possibilities of a patient’s smile.

Although we don’t have this wonderful technology just yet, come and book an appointment at your local Anstead Dentist at Karana Downs Dental before the dental experience is shaken up forever.