New Patients

Your first visit to your new dentist is one we value and respect. It is an important step towards a new relationship for dental well-being.

Our experienced, queensland trained dentists focus on a complete assessment of your dental situation. With your main concerns at the core of any plan, we develop a conservative and practical preventative care plan to achieve your goals as well as long-term dental well-being. We are down to earth people who will provide you with necessary dental care.

We place a heavy focus on preventative dental care as a way for our patients to achieve long-term dental well-being without constant dental treatment. Like our patients, we understand that a filling or root canal may not be your favourite thing to do. Like you, we would rather spend your visits with preventative checks and cleans. However, should you need dental work done, here at Karana Downs Dental we aim to make the procedure relaxing and painless with our caring and dedicated staff.01.jpg

We are blessed to boast the latest technology and procedures designed to make any dental visit manageable for you and your family. Our staff will help you feel almost as relaxed as you would at home.

For children, we firmly believe in taking it easy and ensuring every visit is absolutely delightful. We regularly have children desperately wanting to come in and see us as a result, which is just the way everyone likes it.

Unlike the past, we ensure that the children grow up loving the dentist so that they don't neglect their dental health due to fear in the future.

Apart from your teeth, we will examine your medical and lifestyle risks, muscle function, signs of oral cancer and gum health. Regarding the teeth themselves, we will check for signs of wear, holes, integrity of existing fillings and fractures. We will give you an honest, expert opinion of what is happening inside your mouth, and give you all the options available so that you can make an informed decision. We are always very upfront about our affordable fees. It is our goal to operate in an open and trustworthy working relationship with you and your family.

If you’d like to book an appointment with our calming and professional dental team, then contact us or call us at Karana Downs Dental on 3201 2552.

Our costs are below average according to the Australian Dental Association. We like to keep fees low and affordable because we understand this is important for our patients.

A day in the life of Karana Downs Dental

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