Dental Payments with No Credit Checks and No Interest: Denticare

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Have you ever been in need of dental treatment, but avoided making an appointment due to cost? Or maybe you were recommended one (expensive) treatment but decided to settle for a more cost-effective option in order to make the bill fit into your budget.

We see this kind of thing all too often, and we don’t think it’s fair. At Karana Downs Dental, we want our patients to have the treatment they need - we don’t want them to settle for a less effective treatment, just because it’s what they can afford.

So what can be done to solve this problem?

Introducing Denticare

Denticare is a simple payment plan with no credit checks, no interest, and no complicated contracts. Qualifications? If you’re over 18, an Australian citizen, and have a source of income / not bankrupt, you qualify.

What Is Involved?

All dental treatment plans billed through Denticare can be paid with no interest. The only items Denticare can’t put on a plan are low-cost items like simple consultations and X-Rays.

Who Can Take Part?

Denticare is eligible to those who are:

  • over the age of eighteen,

  • Australian citizens,

  • with a source of income or proof that they are not bankrupt.

What Are the Benefits?

Many other payment plans include hidden fees, interest charges, account keeping fees, and credit checks, Denticare has none of these.

How to Find Out More

At Karana Downs, we’re interested in talking to you. Give us a call on  07 3201 2552, and we can give you all of the information you need about Denticare, and you can let us know what we can do to help you.


Our website is also available if you would like to speak to us online.

PDF Download