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Under all private health funds, free children's checks/cleans/xrays/fluoride are offered.

Karana Downs Dental is proud to offer xrays, cleans, fluoride under all private health funds.

AdobeStock_87491948.jpegKids Dentistry At Karana Downs Dental

For those children not eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Scheme, we offer xrays (including external, full mouth xrays with our new OPG machine), cleans and fluoride. Other treatment, such as fillings if required, may incur a small gap payment.

We have introduced this to ensure our future generation's of children will all have the perfect smile we want for them.

To ensure our kids all have a positive experience at Karana Downs Dental, we have the loveliest staff and dentists looking after them. We pull out all the stops, including presents after each visit, headphones with the TVs in the surgery.

We will ensure each child receives a professional assessment of their teeth and we will help predict any future issues and work to prevent those from happening. To do this, we will often recommend a full mouth xray at certain ages to screen for any teeth going the wrong way, to help prevent the need for braces down the track.


We will also ensure any children playing impact (and non-impact) sports, are equiped with mouthguards. Did you know 50% of children will damage a front tooth by the age of 11? We do, so we are helping to break this cycle with custom made, comfortable and protective mouthguards.

We look forward to looking after your children.

Dr. Evelyn Ong and Dr. Manfred Lagemann

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