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Toothache, Chipped Tooth, Tooth Knocked Out? What to Do

Have you ever woken up with a nasty toothache? Maybe you’ve been playing an innocent game of touch rugby and knocked your front tooth out? First things first, don’t panic. There are solutions to ensure you make a painless, and cost-effective recovery.

Dental Treatments at Karana Downs Dental

Are you looking for a gentle and professional touch from your dentist? Karana Downs Dental prioritises putting comfort first. Best summarised, Karana Downs Dental is ethical and progressive with our practices. Combining the latest technology with our renowned knowledge, we aim to give our patients a comfortable experience.


Have you ever been in need of dental treatment, but avoided making an appointment due to cost? Or maybe you were recommended one (expensive) treatment but decided to settle for a more cost-effective o...